Meet Our New Caregiver!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Nestling House team, Vanya Schroeder!

Vanya will be sharing care giving responsibilities with Eric on a daily basis at Nestling House. Since 2004, Vanya has worked in various settings as a teacher and care giver; she began teaching English at the college level and then shifted into her role as a preschool teacher at Hoyne Street Playgroup, a long running and well regarded child care co-op in Chicago that embraces a play-based approach. Her additional experience as a nanny rounds out Vanya's strong care giving credentials. She holds a BS in Psychology and a MFA in Writing, and has been highly esteemed for her creativity and child-centered approach to care giving.

I will borrow a few words from Vanya herself to help convey how wonderfully she will fit with and strengthen our principles of play and relationship-based child care:

"My goal is to facilitate natural curiosity so children see learning as a lifelong adventure"

"Good nutritious food, made from real ingredients (not processed or sugar-laden) is an important physical resource"

"Children are active learners who gain knowledge by acting directly on and with concrete objects"

"I support children as they make discoveries about themselves and learn to recognize and name their feelings. In return I look through a window onto a fascinating world—an entire perception of reality—being built and rebuilt before my eyes. It is my responsibility as a teacher to facilitate arrival at a cheerful resolution—resolution, but never completion. There is always new material to consider."